Can I link my GuideStone account with aggregator services like Mint and Empower?

Yes, you can link your GuideStone account to certain online aggregator services to view and download your activity. Examples of aggregator services that work with your MyGuideStone account include Empower, Yodlee, Schwab, CashEdge, ByAllAccounts, Finicity, and Mint (Intuit has announced they are shutting down Mint effective January 1, 2024).

Due to recent security enhancements, some users have reported issues using certain aggregator services. If you’ve had issues with this, please try the steps below. If you are experiencing a connection issue with the Wealthfront app, they have have indicated that users need to contact Wealthfront directly to have the issue resolved.

 Manually refresh your MyGuideStone account in the aggregator:

  • Log into your aggregator account and refresh your MyGuideStone account manually.
  • Re-enter your credentials (user ID and passphrase) for your MyGuideStone account.
  • Your account information should populate after doing so.

 If you still having issues after manually refreshing, try the following:

  • Try resetting your passphrase for your MyGuideStone account. 
  • Re-enter your User ID and new passphrase for MyGuideStone into your aggregator account.
  • Your account information should populate after doing so.

 GuideStone continues to work on linking other online aggregators in a manner that helps ensure participant security. We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience. If you have not done so already, we also recommend that you contact the aggregator service and mention that you have been experiencing issues connecting to your GuideStone account.

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