Can I download my GuideStone account activity to Quicken?

GuideStone recently explored the possibility of allowing participants to export their account activity from MyGuideStone® to Quicken. Unfortunately, there is a significant cost associated with partnering with Quicken to make this feature available. In the spirit of stewardship, we have decided to direct our resources toward other enhancements requested by our participants who use MyGuideStone®. 

One of these enhancements resulted in partnering with other budgeting and investment apps that are similar to Quicken, such as Mint and Personal Capital. You can now link your GuideStone account to these online aggregators to view and download your activity.

You can also download your transaction history directly from MyGuideStone® to an Excel spreadsheet. From your MyGuideStone® Dashboard, just click on Retirement and Investments > Account History > "Download History".

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