What are the benefits of a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)?

Benefits to the employer:

  • Can pair with a higher deductible plan, which may help save on premium
  • Helps provide quality benefits while controlling costs — you may avoid paying for coverage your employees don’t use
  • This unfunded approach allows payments to be made from employer’s general assets
  • Flexibly designed:
    • Timing of HRA fund availability
    • Amount of HRA
    • Who pays first — employer or employee

Benefits to the employee:

  • HRA can help offset increased out-of-pocket expenses of higher deductible
  • Lower monthly premiums can reduce employee share of cost
  • HRA reimbursements are tax-free
  • Increases employee awareness of true cost of health care
  • If allowed by employer, HRA rollover option encourages wise spending choices

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