What are the trading restrictions related to GuideStone's Capital Preservation Fund?

Participants are prohibited from exchanging out of the Capital Preservation Fund to a “competing fund” without first investing in a “non-competing fund” for a period of at least 90 days. A “competing fund” is any fund predominantly invested in fixed-income securities whose average duration is generally less than 3½ years. 

The “competing funds” within the GuideStone Funds are comprised of the:

  • Money Market Fund 
  • Low-Duration Bond Fund 
  • Conservative Allocation Fund

The definition of a “non-competing fund” is any fund option(s) other than those funds defined above as “competing funds.” Also, simultaneous exchanges are not allowed, meaning participants may not exchange from the fund to a “non-competing fund” and simultaneously exchange from a “non-competing fund” to a “competing fund.”

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