How much are members charged to use the Employee Assistance Program — Work/Life Balance services?

There is no charge to use the program. Work/Life Balance services are free to anyone who is enrolled in GuideStone’s long-term disability insurance. You will not be charged for calling a consultant, using the website or downloading materials. Also, you can receive up to three local, face-to-face counseling sessions* from HealthAdvocate for each issue for which you seek assistance. However, if you select a referral to a child or elder care provider, attorney, social worker, etc., you will be responsible for paying for any services they conduct that are not included in this program.

The Employee Assistance Program — Work/Life Balance services provided by HealthAdvocate — are available with Unum’s long-term disability insurance purchased through GuideStone®.

Terms and availability of service are subject to change. Service provider does not provide legal advice; please consult your attorney for guidance. Services are not valid after Unum coverage is terminated.

*The consultants must abide by federal regulations regarding duty to warn of harm to self or others. In these instances, the consultant may be mandated to report a situation to the appropriate authority.

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