What information is important in the Evidence of Good Health Application for Personal Plans?

Details of current and previous medical conditions are reviewed to answer these and other questions:

  • Will your condition return or get worse?

  • Will your condition affect your general health?

  • Will you develop complications later?

  • How does the medical condition progress?

  • Could the condition interfere with a disability from an unrelated cause in the future?

    Please note that our underwriters may ask you to submit additional information after your application is reviewed. For example, the underwriters may need a statement from your doctor or other medical provider. The underwriters may also ask you to get a physical exam or request medical records so the underwriters will have more current information about your treatment. If our underwriters require information from a doctor or other medical provider, they will notify you by mail.

    If you have questions or need additional assistance, you may reach a customer solutions specialist by calling 1-844-INS-GUIDE (1-844-467-4843).

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