When can I withdraw money from my retirement account?

Generally, the funds in your retirement account are available upon retirement, death, disability or termination of employment.  If you are no longer working for an organization affiliated with GuideStone, you may have the option of leaving the money in your retirement account, rolling it over to another 403(b) plan or IRA or withdrawing your money. 

If you decide to take a withdrawal, the IRS requires that we withhold 20% for federal income taxes. Also, if you are under age 59 1/2, except for certain exceptions, there will be an additional 10% early withdrawal penalty that the IRS imposes for early distribution. You will pay this penalty when you file your income taxes for the year; however, you can request additional withholding at the time of distribution, and this will be sent to the IRS along with the federal income tax.

Some plans have rules that prevent withdrawals unless certain conditions are met. You can log into your MyGuideStone® account to find out if your funds are available and request a withdrawal online.

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