How do I change my retirement contribution amount?

Changing retirement contribution amounts requires one to complete a new Retirement Contribution Agreement  with their employer. This agreement authorizes your employer to withhold a portion of your salary to be sent to your GuideStone account.

We recommend that you FIRST check with your employer when wanting to update your contributions as each can vary in their process. If they do not have a Retirement Contribution Agreement  for you to complete, you may find one below. Be sure to complete the Retirement Contribution Agreement and return it to your employer. This document does NOT need to be returned to GuideStone but rather kept on file with your employer.

Click here to download a Retirement Contribution Agreement

Please print and complete the form then give the form to your employer. Your new amount will begin after the effective date you provide on the form.

If you are in a Church Retirement Plan, your employer will update your contributions in the Employer Access Program®.

To learn more about the types of contributions that can be made to your retirement plan, click here.

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