Where should my church send my contribution?

If you have not yet enrolled in the Church Retirement Plan, you can access www.GuideStone.org and click on "Open An Account" to get started.

When you enroll in the Church Retirement Plan, GuideStone will bill your church monthly to remit contributions. The statements will be sent in the mail around the beginning of each month. GuideStone will bill a month in arrears.

When your church receives the billing statement, they will be asked to return the check along with the tear-off coupon by mail to our PO Box. 

PO Box 672072 Dallas, TX 75267-2072

Once we receive the contribution check, the amount will be applied to your retirement account.

Alternatively, your church can remit contributions online through the online Employer Access Program®.

The Employer Access Program® (EAP) is an online application that we provide to your church to help simplify administrative duties. Click here to learn more about EAP.


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