How do I enroll in a GuideStone retirement plan?

For SBC Church Retirement Plan enrollments:

Please complete an online Enrollment Application by clicking here and choosing "Enroll now" under "Southern Baptist Church Retirement Plan". You will also need to complete a Retirement Contribution Agreement form to provide to your Church

When you complete the enrollment application, GuideStone will bill your employer for your retirement contribution amount each month, beginning on your specified effective date.

Note: Once you complete the online Enrollment Application, do not forget to download and print the Retirement Contribution Agreement. You must give this to your Human Resources or Benefits office representative.

For Ministers and Chaplains, click here and scroll down to "Ministers and Chaplains Retirement Plan" then click "Enroll now".

For employees of Agencies and institutions affiliated with GuideStone:

Please speak with your Human Resources department about your GuideStone retirement plan.

Click here to learn more about our employer-sponsored retirement plans and to enroll in a GuideStone retirement plan.

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