How do I request an outbound rollover for my GuideStone retirement account?

If your funds are available for distribution, you can request a rollover online by logging in to your MyGuideStone® account. GuideStone will not accept another institution's paperwork to transfer your retirement account. 

Once logged in, you will use the withdrawal tool to request your rollover by following the steps below:

1. Click the “Retirement and Investments” tab.

2. Click “Manage Accounts”.

3. Under Withdrawals, click “Make a Withdrawal” to open the tool.

4. On the page that you select the amount to withdraw, check the box, "I would like to roll over to GuideStone Funds or another institution" and follow the next steps. 

Note: If you have a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) for the current year but have not yet satisfied the requirement, the tool will not display this option. You must first satisfy your RMD before rolling over. Click here for more information about RMDs.

If this option is not available to you, please contact us.

If you have not created a MyGuideStone® account you will need to go to, click on “Register now with MyGuideStone” and follow the steps for registration.

Please carefully read the Special Tax Notice on the signature page. This notice has important information about the taxation of your distribution and is time-sensitive. If you would prefer, you may request a copy of the special tax notice to be mailed to you for free.

Is a rollover the best option for you? Here are some Key Things to Consider Before Rolling Over

If you no longer work for an institution affiliated with GuideStone, you can still contribute and have access to the same award-winning, Christian-screened funds with a GuideStone IRA! You can also roll your existing retirement account to a GuideStone IRA! Click here to learn more about IRAs with GuideStone, and contact us if you would like to start the process of simply moving your GuideStone retirement account to a GuideStone IRA.

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