What about retirement income for my loved ones?

It’s wise to make sure your spouse, as well as other loved ones, will be financially provided for after your death. You can set up a Joint Life Income Annuity and name your spouse as a Joint Life Applicant, which allows him or her to receive income (option of 50%–100%) after your death. 

By setting up a Specified Period option, you can ensure other loved ones will receive proceeds should you and your spouse (if a Joint Life Applicant) die before a specified time period. 

You can also name children, grandchildren or other relatives as beneficiaries under certain plans. 

You can also request a Cash Refund option on your annuity, so your beneficiaries may receive any principal not paid out during your lifetime and/or Joint Life Applicant’s lifetime. 

There are more options than you may realize. You can learn more about your retirement income options with GuideStone by logging into your MyGuideStone® account under the "Retirement Income" section.

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