If my employee needs medical and/or dental coverage to continue after their termination date, what options do they have for Group Plans?

If your group elects to offer medical and/or dental continuation coverage, your employee has the ability to apply for continuation coverage. Please refer to your GuideStone Employer Acceptance Agreement to determine if your organization offers continuation.

Medical and dental continuation coverage may continue for up to 18 months for terminated employees and/or eligible covered dependents and 36 months for dependents losing their coverage due to turning 26 or loss of coverage due to divorce.

Any employees terminated due to gross misconduct are not permitted to utilize medical and/or dental continuation coverage.

Once the coverage is enrolled, your group will continue to be charged for the coverage on your Group Plans statement, and you will be responsible for obtaining payment from the individual for their coverage.

The Request for Medical and/or Dental Continuation form must be submitted to your Operations team within 60 days of the employee’s loss of coverage.

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