What will happen to Group Plans medical coverage provided through GuideStone for my spouse and dependent children after divorce or legal separation?

Following the divorce (or legal separation) of an employee, some employers allow a covered spouse or dependents to continue medical, dental, and/or vision coverage up to 36 months after it would otherwise end. This applies only if the following are true: 

• The employer elected to offer continuation coverage. 

• The employer continues to offer plan coverage to its employees. 

• The employee was not fired for gross misconduct, as determined by the employer. 

• The employee submits a Request for Continuation of Eligibility form to GuideStone within 60 days of the date Group Plans medical, dental, and/or vision coverage terminates. 

If you have any questions about continued coverage after divorce (or legal separation) and you are enrolled in the Group Plans, consult your employer. 

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