Does GuideStone offer coverage for retirees who are age 65?

GuideStone Medicare-coordinating plans help to minimize out-of-pocket health care expenses by coordinating with Original Medicare coverage. These plans are available to retirees and dependents who are eligible for GuideStone medical coverage and have Medicare as their primary payer of benefits.

Group Plans

Provide your retirees with a Medicare-coordinating plan that combines one-stop convenience with a great price. Choose which one works best for your retirees. Learn more about the Medicare-coordinating plans that are available to Group Plan employers.

Personal Plans

Enrollment in GuideStone's Medicare-coordinating Care Plans is available to retirees age 65 and older eligible to enroll in Original Medicare (Part A and B). Our Care Plans are available to the following retirees:

  1. Those previously enrolled in a GuideStone health or retirement plan (excluding investment accounts) prior to turning age 65, including spouses. 
  2. Those retired from or who previously worked for a church/agency/ministry affiliated with, or that shares common religious bonds with, the Southern Baptist Convention (for at least five consecutive years or a total of 10 interrupted years). 

Learn more about our Care Basic Plan and Care Today Plans. 

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