What are the benefits of utilizing a specialty pharmacy?

If you're a GuideStone participant taking specialty medications, those medications are exclusively filled through Accredo, Express Scripts' specialty pharmacy. Accredo understands the unique care you require while taking specialty medications. You can enjoy several benefits of their customized service, including:

Trained professionals: Accredo's pharmacists and nurses have received specialized training to treat complex conditions.

24/7 clinical support: If you have questions at any time, you can talk to a pharmacist or nurse who knows about your medications.

Access to supplies: Supplies to administer your medications — syringes, sharps containers — are available, too.

Nurse assistance: If you’re taking a medication that must be administered by a nurse, Accredo will coordinate with your doctor's office or infusion center and provide a qualified nurse. If you administer yourself, you can access Accredo's one-on-one training.

Quality delivery on time: Some medications require refrigeration or special handling. You can schedule a delivery that works with your schedule.

Ongoing support: Accredo stays in touch with you to make sure you have the medications and supplies you need. Their pharmacists and nurses coordinate with your doctor to help guard against drug interactions.

 For more information, visit Accredo online.

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