What are my options for retirement income?

There are several retirement income options for participants in a GuideStone retirement plan. Depending on your retirement plan, you may have the option of a Life Income Annuity, Fixed Period Income Annuity, and/or a Systematic Withdrawal. 

  • Life Income Annuities are payable over the course of one (Single Life) life or two (Joint Life ) lives, and include several options:
    • Cash Refund
    • Specified Period
    • Annual Increase
    • Fixed Period Income
  • Systematic Withdrawals include three basic options:
    • Equal payments of a specified amount
    • Percentage of total vested contribution amounts
    • Paid out over a specified period of time
  • Fixed Period Income Annuities are paid out in equal payments a specified period of time at a predetermined funding rate.

To learn more about the different options we offer and the options available to you, log in to your MyGuideStone account and view the "Retirement Income" section of your retirement plan. If you have additional questions on the options available to you, please contact us.

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