What is a Health Savings Account (HSA)?

A Health Savings Account (HSA) helps you save  money to pay for future health care expenses and save on your tax bill, too. Your employer may offer a payroll option that lets you fund your account with  pre-tax dollars, or you can contribute to your HSA from your own bank account  (up to the annual maximum allowed) and qualify for a deduction on your tax return. For example, if you make $35,000 and contribute $2,000, your taxable income is reduced to $33,000. Plus, you won’t pay any taxes on the interest you  earn from your HSA or the money you use to pay for health care expenses.

To learn more about HSAs, visit the Treasury Department’s HSA site or review Highmark's The Basics of a Health Savings Account.

Visit HighmarkSpendingAccounts.com to learn more about establishing and managing an HSA

Follow these tips to maximize your health savings arrangement.

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