When and how do employers need to distribute Summaries?

You are required to provide Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (Summaries) for all health plans your ministry offers, including Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs). They must be distributed in hard copy, though in some cases may be distributed electronically. Employers are required to distribute the Summaries:

  • At annual re-enrollment
  • To new hires or newly eligible employees
  • After qualifying events
  • At the introduction of a new plan option
  • Upon request
  • When plan benefits materially change

Failure to provide a Summary will trigger a penalty of $1,406 per member.

Employers can find Summaries for all GuideStone health plans here.

For additional guidance about how to distribute Summaries, download an instruction sheet here.

For additional Health Care Reform information please visit GuideStone.org/HealthReform.  

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