How does the Medical Evacuation Benefit work?

In the event that a facility does not have the resources to provide the appropriate level of care, transportation will be arranged to take you or your eligible dependent to the nearest facility that can provide the level of care necessary. Blue Cross Blue Shield Global® Core (BCBS Global Core) can also help you find cost-effective transportation for family members.

1. The Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield (Highmark BCBS) member, a family member, the physician or the treating facility MUST notify BCBS Global Core by calling 1-800-810-BLUE (2583) or calling collect (804) 673-1177 — which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

2. BCBS Global Core will begin assessing your needs and their urgency.

3. The Global Core representatives will ask the treating medical team to provide clinical details to assess need and urgency. Insufficient diagnostic equipment/services will be a consideration for an evacuation assessment.

4. While the clinical condition is assessed, confirmation of eligibility will occur, which can take one to two hours. If the emergency occurs outside BCBS business hours, an emergency phone tree is in place to assure BCBS Global Core can contact GuideStone for after-hours eligibility confirmation.

5. BCBS Global Core and the local medical team will determine if transport is necessary based on the appropriateness of local care in relation to the medical need. The team will also determine the type of transport and location based on the medical need.

6. In the event a medical evacuation is required, BCBS Global Core will begin arrangement of medical transport details during the assessment by obtaining multiple quotes from available vendors to determine the best fit for the needs of the member.

7. For emergency evacuations, location will likely be to the closest facility able to meet the medical needs of the member. For longer-term rehabilitation, repatriation may be considered as determined appropriate by BCBS Global Core.


In the event of an international emergency evacuation, what information do I need to provide to my physician? 

If your physician needs to contact Blue Cross Blue Shield Global® Core to arrange an emergency evacuation, make sure you provide them with the following information:

  • Your identity: Notify the BCBS Global Core team that you are a GuideStone member.
  • Group number: This appears on your GuideStone Highmark BCBS medical ID card.
  • Member ID number: You can also find this on your GuideStone Highmark BCBS medical ID card.
  • Your date of birth: The plan holder’s date of birth is needed for verification.

To grant authority for someone to make medical decisions or request health care services on your or your dependent’s behalf, you may be asked to provide a document of consent for medical treatment.


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