Does my Consumer-Driven Health Plan have a vision benefit?

Yes. Your Consumer-Driven Health Plan includes a vision exam benefit.

You can receive an annual eye exam per covered family member, including an eye health examination, dilation and refraction. This falls under the primary office visit subject to the deductible for care received from an in-network provider. Out-of-network care will be covered at the out-of-network deductible and co-insurance levels. 

To find an in-network vision provider, visit the website for Highmark BCBS and use the "Find a Doctor" tool. Verify network participation directly with the provider before proceeding with services.

Please note that your vision exam benefit differs from having vision coverage. Your vision exam benefit does not include coverage for glasses or contact lenses unless you have had a cataract extraction, nor does it cover various procedures listed on the vision exam benefit handout.

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