How do I file a dental claim if my dentist has not filed it for me?

For Premier Dental Care or Choice Dental Care plans:

  • Complete a separate dental claim form for each family member. You can download a dental claim form from
  • Complete the patient and subscriber (employee) information on the dental claim form. You may need to use information from your ID card.
  • The group number for the GuideStone dental plan is 3172000.
  • Submit an itemized statement showing name of patient, types of service (ADA codes), date of service and dentist’s name and address.
  • Keep a copy of each claim that you file.
  • Mail to:

Cigna Dental

P.O. Box 188037

Chattanooga, TN 37422-8037

For the Cigna Dental Care DHMO plan:

There are no claim forms to be filed out for Cigna Dental Care DHMO plan, the general dentist or specialist will file any necessary paperwork.

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