My employee just gave birth to or adopted a child. How do I add their new dependent to the Group Plans coverage?

First, congratulations are in order! GuideStone policy states that participants have 60 days from the birth or adoption date to add a child to their coverage.

Please add your employee's child on the Employer Access Program® within the 60-day time frame. Go to the Employees tab and click on the employee's name. Under Group Plans Insurance, click on Add Dependent and follow the steps. This can only be done on or after the date of dependent acquisition.

You may submit the request without the child’s Social Security number by checking the option "This is a newborn and SSN is unknown." When the Social Security number is assigned, you can follow up with GuideStone.

If you cannot access the Employer Access Program®, then have your employee complete a Special Enrollment Form for Medical Coverage. You (the employer administrator) must return the form via email to your specific Operations team within the 60-day time frame. The form can be accepted without a Social Security Number for newborns.

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