How do I contribute to my IRA?

If you would like to make a contribution to your IRA, you may log into your online MyGuideStone® account. Once logged in, you will find the contribution section by following the steps below:

1. Select the “Retirement & Investments” tab.

2. Under “Manage Investments" click "Purchase Mutual Funds."

4. Click “A one-time purchase” or "Automatic purchases." Then, click "Select" next to the appropriate account.   

5. Select bank or “Add New Bank” if you do not have one on file. You will enter your bank’s routing number, account number, account type and the name on the account.

6. Choose the fund(s) for the contribution and enter the dollar amount. Click "Next" and then "Confirm" on the confirmation page.

If you have not created a MyGuideStone account, you will need to go to, click on “Register now with MyGuideStone” and follow the steps for registration.

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