What options do I have with my retirement account if I leave my employer?

Whether it is due to a job loss, termination, or job change, you may have several options when you leave your employer. If you move to another church or institution that is affiliated with GuideStone, speak to your employer to see if they will allow you to continue contributing. If you are no longer working for a church or institution affiliated with GuideStone you have the option of leaving the money in your retirement account, rolling it to another 403b or 401k plan or IRA, or taking a withdrawal.

If you have an outstanding loan when you leave your employer, you must continue paying the loan according to the original loan agreement. GuideStone will continue the monthly bank account drafts until the loan is paid.

Once you leave your employer you are not able to continue contributing to the account on your own. However, you may leave the funds invested in your account. If you wish to still contribute to a GuideStone account, you may want to consider an IRA. Click here to learn more about IRAs with GuideStone.

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