How do I view my GuideStone retirement account activity online?

To view your account activity online, you will need to create a MyGuideStone® account. If you have not created a MyGuideStone® account, click here.

Once logged in to your account, follow the steps below to view your account activity:

1. Select the Retirement & Investments tab.

2. Click on the Transaction History tab under Account Activity.

3. The Transaction History and Transaction Detail History screens will provide a summary and breakdown of your most recent transactions. You can refresh the date range and download your transactions to an Excel spreadsheet.

You can also view your Balance History, Contribution History and your account Accumulation Chart*.

*Please note:

  • Chart results do not reflect Plan A (defined benefit) balances or Loan balances.
  • Chart results are not displayed for weekend days or New York Stock Exchange holidays.
  • The chart reflects total accumulations; this includes contributions, withdrawals, dividends and capital gains, and net earnings/losses.

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