Am I eligible to participate in a Retirement Plan with GuideStone if I do not work at a Southern Baptist employer?

Any person who is in paid ministerial or non-ministerial employment, receiving W-2 compensation, from a church or employer whose beliefs and values do not conflict with GuideStone may be eligible to participate in a retirement plan with GuideStone. This may include full-time pastors or employees, interim pastors and other employees who may be considered part-time.

Employees who wish to participate in an employer-sponsored plan must enroll through their employer and/or have their employer contact GuideStone by completing our Information Request Form to start the process.

Your employer may have additional eligibility requirements for participating.

You may also be eligible to invest in a GuideStone Individual Retirement Account (IRA) which provides access to the GuideStone Funds®, similar to  an employer-sponsored GuideStone retirement plan! Learn more about IRAs with GuideStone.

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