Am I eligible to participate in a Retirement Plan with GuideStone if I do not work at a Southern Baptist employer?

Any person who is in paid ministerial or non-ministerial employment, receiving W-2 compensation, from a church or employer whose beliefs and values do not conflict with GuideStone may be eligible to participate in a retirement plan with GuideStone. This may include full-time pastors or employees, interim pastors and other employees who may be considered part-time.

Employees who wish to participate in an employer-sponsored plan must enroll through their employer and/or have their employer contact GuideStone to establish an employer-sponsored plan by completing our Information Request Form to start the process.

Your employer may have additional eligibility requirements for participating.

You may also be eligible to invest in a GuideStone Individual Retirement Account (IRA) which provides access to the GuideStone Funds®, similar to  an employer-sponsored GuideStone retirement plan! Learn more about IRAs with GuideStone.

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