What is Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI)(Personal Plans only)?

Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) applies to Personal Plans only. 

GSI means that you will receive automatic approval for life insurance in flat amounts or up to four times annual salary. No underwriting is required for GSI amounts. The following criteria must be met for GSI eligibility:

  • Must be a first-time employee at your first church eligible for GuideStone® coverage.
  • May not have previously been rejected for coverage by GuideStone underwriters.
  • The application must be signed and received within the first 62 days of the employment or eligibility date.

An applicant who is eligible for GSI and applies for more than four times annual salary will be set up with four times annual salary with a GSI effective date. The application will be underwritten for the additional amount over four times annual salary. (If approved, the upgrade would be effective on the approval date. If denied, GuideStone will continue to bill for the GSI amount.)

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