How do I locate providers who accept GuideStone’s plans?

GuideStone's plans utilize the Blue Cross Blue Shield BlueCard® (BCBS PPO) network. Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield maintains an easy-to-use website for fast access to claims, medical information and provider searches.

  1. Visit the Highmark BCBS page.
  2. Follow the "Find a doctor or Rx" tab.
  3. Choose "Find a Doctor, Hospital or other Medical Provider". You can search by name, specialty or condition.
  4. Click "Pick a plan" and enter "CQM" in the "Enter the first three letters of your member ID" space. Then select "BCBS PPO".
  5. To access additional information like hours available, use the “Show all filters” button.

You may also locate participating doctors and hospitals by calling Highmark’s dedicated GuideStone team at 1-866-472-0924.

Note: Secure Health 3000 only offers in-network benefits.

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