What is CignaEnvoy.com?

CignaEnvoy.com was created to be the only health resource you need if you are on an overseas assignment or when you return to stateside on furlough. The information is specialized and the tools are personalized. It's got the information you need. And it's easy to find that information. Registration on CignaEnvoy takes minutes.

Here are just a few things CignaEnvoy.com can help you do:

  • Email the service center quickly and securely
  • Find doctors and hospitals including maps and directions
  • View and print ID cards
  • Submit and track claims
  • Sign up for ePayment Plus claim reimbursement as direct deposit
  • Complete the Pre-Assignment Survey for your next assignment
  • Look up translations for medical terms
  • Learn more about your country of destination
  • Manage ongoing conditions like diabetes, asthma, heart issues and more

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