How do I file a Cigna International claim?

After you download the Cigna International Claim Form from you have several options to file a claim:

  • Email through the secured member website
  • Fax your completed form to:

1-800-243-6998 (outside the U.S., via AT&T plus the country's access code)

1-302-797-3150 (inside the U.S.)

  • Mail Delivery:
    Cigna Global Health Benefits
    Customer Service Center
    PO Box 15050
     Wilmington, DE 19850-5050 USA
  • Courier delivery:
    Cigna Global Health Benefits
    Customer Service Center
    300 Bellevue Parkway
     Wilmington, DE 19809

Tips to speed up claims processing

  • Be sure to complete the claim form entirely.
  • Provide a diagnosis or explanation of treatment on the claim form.
  • State how and where you want reimbursement issued.
  • Email or fax claim form and bills instead of mailing them.
  • Save the original copies of your bills, receipts and claim form.

Cigna Global Health Benefits

Toll-free telephone number: 1-800-441-2668
Direct (collect calls accepted): 001-302-797-3100
Toll-free facsimile number: 1-800-243-6998
Direct facsimile number: 001-302-797-3150

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