What preventive care services are available?

Available preventive care services will depend upon your age and gender. Access your plan’s preventive care schedule for details. Please note that this schedule is subject to change at the end of each benefit period.

Be certain to verify your preventive care benefits with Highmark BCBS before your appointment by asking your doctor’s office to provide you with the procedure and diagnosis codes the physician plans to use. Then contact Highmark at 1-866-472-0924 to verify your benefits.

You should always verify that your physician is an in-network PPO participating BCBS provider by:

  1. Calling your physician’s office and asking if they are an in-network PPO provider and
  2. Logging into Highmark BCBS, choosing the “Find a Provider” tab at the top of the page and choosing “BCBS PPO” from the drop-down list.

Services provided by an out-of-network physician will not be covered as preventive care.

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