What should I do with my retirement account if I am in the process of getting a divorce?

In the case of divorce, you may be unable to change beneficiaries or receive a distribution from your retirement account until GuideStone reviews certain legal documents.

To correctly manage your account after a divorce, GuideStone will need the following:

 • A complete copy of your Decree of Divorce signed by a judge  (This is the legal document that declares divorce).

 • If included in the divorce, a complete, signed copy of your Property Settlement Agreement or Marital Dissolution Agreement (This document describes, among other things, how marital assets have been divided if the divorce decree does not specify).

If GuideStone receives the documents in good order, we will update your marital status after approximately five to seven business days of processing. Certain account changes may be restricted during this timeframe, including distribution requests and beneficiary changes. Click here for information on withdrawals while the divorce is pending.

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