Where should I send my document to?

For signed Loan and Withdrawal applications, please use the Document Uploader in your MyGuideStone account to receive the fastest possible service. Learn how to quickly upload your application.

For other retirement forms, please email info@guidestone.org.

For insurance forms, please email insurance@guidestone.org.

GuideStone has separate fax numbers for Insurance and Retirement plan paperwork.

For retirement forms, you may send a fax to 866-692-6327.

For insurance forms, you may fax to 877-834-1025.

Most of our standard forms related to retirement and insurance plans can be faxed to the applicable numbers above. However, some forms must be mailed to us. For example, all forms related to IRAs and Investment Accounts need to be mailed in according to the instructions provided on the paperwork. We recommend that you first check with us to determine if a form can be sent by fax or email to avoid any delays in processing your paperwork. Email is generally more reliable than faxing, and you will receive a follow up email once we receive your forms.

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