How do I upload a signed version of my application?

Before you can upload your documents, make sure that a copy of your signed application has been scanned or emailed and saved to your computer as a PDF document.

Then, to upload your completed documents for your loan or withdrawal, log into your  MyGuideStone­­® account. Once logged in, click the Notifications center on your Profile Menu. Select your pending application. 

Next, locate the “Document Uploader” section toward the bottom of your “My Messages” screen. The Document Uploader will display only loan or withdrawal requests for which you have received paperwork to complete. This feature will support submissions only for a loan or a withdrawal. Please do not submit other types of requests through this feature, as they may not be processed correctly.

Watch the video to learn how to submit your file, or read the instructions below:

Follow the steps below to upload your application:

  1. Choose the transaction (either loan or withdrawal) for which you have completed your documentation.
  2. Click on the “Upload Signed Application icon under the "Actions" section next to your transaction.
  3. In the pop-up screen, drag and drop your completed application file(s) into the green area under "Attach Documentation". You may also click the green area to launch your computer's File Explorer to search for your document(s).
    • Remove any file(s) in error. If you receive an error, please ensure that:
      • Your file(s) is in PDF format.
      • You are not uploading more than two files.
      • Your file(s) is no larger than 10MB.
    • If you continue to receive an error after verifying your file(s) meets the requirements, please contact us.
    • Note: You are allowed one submission per withdrawal or loan request. Please ensure that you have attached all related documents to your request before submission.
  4. Once the file(s) has uploaded successfully, click Submit”.
  5. Read the confirmation message and click Finish”.

Once your document(s) has been submitted successfully, your request status will be updated, and a copy of your submitted application will be available in your “My Messages” inbox shortly. (Note: Please refresh your browser to check your “My Messages” inbox.) You will not be able to submit additional documentation for the same transaction. Please allow 5–7 business days for processing your application. We will update you on the status of your request via email.

If you need assistance with uploading your application, please contact us.

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