Does GuideStone offer automatic bill payment options for Personal Plans?

Yes, GuideStone offers automatic bill payment and you may enroll at any time. The Automated Clearing House (ACH) option allows automatic bill payment when you authorize money to be transferred from your or your employer’s checking or savings account each month.

How do I enroll in ACH?

You may call the Insurance toll free line (1-844-467-4843) and provide the routing and account number for either a checking or savings account. We will then set up an automatic draft for the bill due date each month, or on the 1st-4th or 15th-31st of each month. You can also complete the authorization form and return it to GuideStone.

What is the benefit of paying my bills with ACH?

Because ACH is an electronic transaction, you don’t need to write and mail a check for your monthly payment, so ACH can save you both time and money. Payments are deducted on the any date except the 5th-14th of each month, beginning the month after ACH billing is set up, so payments are never late.

My church pays my bills. Do I still need to sign up?

The party responsible for bill payment is the one who should authorize ACH. 

If your employer remits the payment, your employer would decide if ACH is a good option for the ministry. For additional information about ACH employer billing please call 1-844-INS-GUIDE (1-844-467-4843). 

If you are individually billed you may sign up for ACH yourself.

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