What are the trading restrictions related to GuideStone's Capital Preservation Fund and the BNY Mellon Stable Value Fund?

Participants are prohibited from exchanging out of the Capital Preservation Fund or the BNY Mellon Stable Value Fund to a “competing fund” without first investing in a “non-competing fund” for a period of at least 90 days. A “competing fund” is any fund predominantly invested in fixed-income securities whose average duration is generally less than 3½ years. 

The “competing funds” within the GuideStone Funds are comprised of the:

  • Money Market Fund 
  • Low-Duration Bond Fund 
  • Conservative Allocation Fund

The definition of a “non-competing fund” is any fund option(s) other than those funds defined above as “competing funds.” Also, simultaneous exchanges are not allowed, meaning participants may not exchange from the fund to a “non-competing fund” and simultaneously exchange from a “non-competing fund” to a “competing fund.”

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