Can my service waiting periods for dental be waived for my Group Plans coverage?

Cigna dental waiting periods may be waived at the time an employee comes into Group Plans coverage provided:

  • The employee provides proof of one full month prior coverage (minimum) with no break prior to coming into GuideStone Cigna dental plans.
  • Accepted forms of coverage proof:
    • Proof of prior coverage letter from the previous carrier showing dates of coverage, type of coverage and enrollment for the employee or
    • A bill showing at least one month prior coverage with no break for the employee. Note: If the employee has orthodontics coverage and wants to waive both dental and orthodontics, proof of coverage for each must be presented. If the bill does not reflect this, a proof of prior coverage letter may be required.
  • All dependents, current and future, will follow the employees status.

Note: Proof must be received within 31 days of eligibility to waive the waiting periods. This applies to Group Plans Cigna dental only.

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