How does the Cigna Dental Care DHMO plan differ from the Cigna DPPO plans (Premier and Choice Dental Care Plans)?

With the Cigna Dental Care DHMO plan: 

  • You must choose a network general dentist who will manage your overall dental care. You won’t be covered if you go to a dentist who’s not in our network.
  • Referrals are required for some specialty care services. Exceptions are pediatric dentists for children under 7, orthodontics and endodontics.
  • Your share of out-of-pocket costs is clearly listed on your Patient Charge Schedule. Only covered procedures are listed. 
  • No deductibles. You don’t have to reach an  out-of-pocket cost before your insurance starts. 
  • No dollar maximums. Your coverage isn’t limited by a dollar amount. No matter the amount of your covered expenses. 
  • No claim forms. No forms to file and no waiting periods for coverage.

With a Cigna DPPO Plans (Premier and Choice Dental Care Plans)

  • You can go to any dentist but typically spend less when you visit a Cigna network dentist. 
  •  You do not have to choose a network dentist ahead of time, you choose a dentist when you are ready to make an appointment.

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