What about Medicare benefits outside the U.S.?

Medicare Primary Participants traveling outside the United States
Medicare benefits are not available outside the United States, except in case of an emergency. GuideStone’s Medicare-coordinating plans do not pay benefits for health care services received outside of the United States since these plans cover only those expenses covered by Medicare.

Medicare Primary Participants living outside the United States
If a participant is eligible for Medicare and lives outside of the United States, he or she should enroll in a PPO medical plan. Since benefits cannot be assigned to a foreign provider, the participant will need to pay in full for medical expenses received outside of the United States and file for reimbursement. The participant should obtain a receipt clearly indicating the following information:

  • Name of the licensed practitioner
  • Diagnosis
  • Date of service
  • Type of service(s) rendered
  • Amount charged for each service

 The participant should have the receipt translated into English and the charges converted into U.S. currency values on the date of service. The participant can seek guidance from the nearest American Embassy to find a licensed practitioner or assistance with translating a medical bill.

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