What is “open enrollment" for seminary students?

If you are a student at a GuideStone-approved seminary, college or Bible school, you may be eligible for Open Enrollment in the Personals Plans for Seminarians if you meet all of the following guidelines:

  • You must apply during the first 60 days of your initial registration date.
  • You must not have attended or obtained a degree from another GuideStone-approved seminary, college or Bible school.
  • You must attend a school that is eligible to utilize products and services made available by or through GuideStone. Some schools will require enrollment in an official degree program that is intended to qualify you for a full-time position in a ministerial field.

Medical Enrollment:

Medical enrollment is only available for paid employees working 20 or more hours per week. Please see Personal Plans enrollment information.

You may only enroll in Personal Plans medical coverage by contacting GuideStone within the 60-day window after an eligible special enrollment event occurs. We are unable to offer enrollment to late entrants.

  • Special enrollment events include: new employment, transition to working 20 or more hours per week, marriage, acquiring a new dependent by birth, adoption or placement for adoption, or loss of eligibility for other medical coverage. 

Dental, Term Life and Accident Plan Enrollment:

To get a quote, visit GuideStoneInsurance.org and Get A Quote

Use these forms for enrollments.

If you are not eligible for open enrollment or if you are requesting term life coverage for your dependents, you must complete an Evidence of Good Health Application for Seminary Students for all family members requesting coverage.

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