Are seminary students eligible to enroll in GuideStone's insurance products?

If you are a student at a GuideStone-approved seminary or Bible college, you are eligible to enroll in any GuideStone Dental, Life or Accident plans. Your spouse and children are also eligible to participate as your dependents. Use our Get a Quote wizard for a list of participating seminaries.

Medical enrollment is only available for paid employees working 20 or more hours per week. Please see Personal Plans enrollment information.

You may only enroll in Personal Plans medical coverage by contacting us within the 60-day window after an eligible special enrollment event occurs. We are unable to offer enrollment to late entrants. Please contact us to enroll in Personal Plans coverage.

  • Special enrollment events include: new employment, transition to working 20 or more hours per week, marriage, acquiring a new dependent by birth, adoption or placement for adoption, or loss of eligibility for other medical coverage. 

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